The Drop

A giant blue raindrop sculpture at the new Vancouver Convention Centre reminds us of the significance of water to human life but also intends to amuse in a city that receives considerable rainfall.

The Drop is the beautiful dark blue sculpture that is prominently situated at the northeast corner of the seawall that wraps around the new Convention Centre. The site is called the Bon Voyage Plaza. The sculpture at 20 metres tall is one of the tallest public art works in Metro Vancouver.


The Drop is the work of Inges Idee, a group of four artists from Germany and Sweden: Hans Hemmert, Thomas A. Schmidt, Georg Zey, and Axel Lieber. The Drop is the Berlin-based group’s first North American commission.

“Before developing an idea, we usually take in consideration all kinds of different parameters specific of the site: urban and architectural layout, social and historical context, natural surrounding. There is no favoured approach we take, everything develops from our analysis of the site.

“The Drop balances delicately on the round base, while its end points into the open sky. This sculpture comments on the diagonal shape of the architecture and the columns and stands almost like a figure head on a sailing ship on the location. It also creates a strong, dynamic diagonal between the seawall and the overhanging roof of the Convention Centre.”
Axel Lieber

from The Drop Splashes Down on the Waterfront,
The Vancouver Sun, August 27, 2009

The Drop, in this prime location thrust into the waters of Burrard Inlet, exerts a delightful and playful pulling of the viewer, whether on the sea walk, within the Convention Centre, on a cruise ship or viewing down Burrard, to reflect on our relationship and attitudes to water and by extension to the history, complexity and future of our waterfront.

“The main power evolves through the equilibristic balance of the sculpture culminating at the very point where it touches the ground, as well as the dynamic diagonal it establishes.

The sculpture resembles a known feature of Vancouver, water and rain, and is an homage to the power of nature. It functions as a laconic and surprising landmark – high-tech meets nature.”
Inges Idee

 from the Vancouver Convention Centre

“The scale is perfect and it is definitively Vancouver. It has such a dramatic impact on the space around it and utterly engages you. How do you separate landscaping from architecture with something like this? It’s really both.”
Jane Durante, Landscape architect, Durante Kreuk Ltd


Inges Idee