Museum of Vancouver

exciting conversations about our past, our present, and our future

movMuseum of Vancouver experiences create connections for our community, connect our community to our world, and excite creative conversation about our future. Museum of Vancouver exhibitions and activities invite the exploration of stories from our past, excite enthusiasm for exploring Vancouver and the heritage of Vancouver, and contribute to creating conversation around contemporary issues of the present.

The Museum of Vancouver is an advocate for our City and for the preservation, enhancement, and appreciation of our creative and cultural evolution as a community. Our permanent exhibitions tell stories of the City from the early 1900s to the late 1970s and are complemented with innovative contemporary feature exhibits.

The Museum of Vancouver has become a leader in re-imagining museums, designing our exhibitions to provide a greater context for the experience of the viewer, hosting two Venice Biennale Architecture projects, and hiring a curator of contemporary issues to frame our museum experiences in the context of where we are in our evolution and what we could imagine for ourselves in the future.

Our Museum has been recognized for our contribution with awards from the Canadian Museum Association community, the Architecture Canada community, the British Columbia Museum Association community, and our Vancouver community. The Center for the Future of Museums recognizes the Museum of Vancouver as a thought leader.

Our creative interests are to increase our visibility, to increase our contribution, and to involve our community creatively and collaboratively in our development, in creating exhibitions, projects, and programs which interpret our history with and for our different communities of interest and enterprise who contribute to creating our community, in interpreting our history in a contemporary context, and in provoking exploration and creative conversation about the City and our evolution as a creative community.

We create the experience of Vancouver. The experience of Vancouver excites our ideas, imagination, and possibilities for creating the future of our community, for creating the future of the Museum of Vancouver, and for creating a future for our heritage and our heritage for the future of our community.

Roger Chilton
Condensed and edited from the Museum of Vancouver Overview, Our strategy 2013 to 2015, and the invitation to the opening night for the exhibition ‘From Rationing to Ravishing’

Museum of Vancouver
exciting conversations about our past, our present, and our future


Canadian Museum Association
Architectural Institute of British Columbia
British Columbia Museum Association
Center for the Future of Museums