How Do Creative Cities Work?

How do creative cities work to address simultaneously the twin goals of enhancing economic dynamism and improving quality of life? The answer to this question revolves around the fascinating interrelationships between three Cs: creativity, competitiveness and cohesion. In a nutshell, the presence of creative activity drives competitiveness throughout the rest of the urban economy. However, the success with which an urban region can generate and retain creative activity depends to a large extent on its quality of place and community characteristics that promote strong social cohesion.

Strong, vibrant neighbourhoods, relative freedom from social deprivation, and access to employment and social services such as shelter, education, nutrition and health care are fundamental components of quality of place. They are also strongly consistent with Canadian values in a way that distinguishes us from our American neighbours to the south.

Creative Cities: What Are They For, How Do They Work, and How Do We Build Them?
Canadian Policy Research Networks
Meric S. Gertler, 2004 – PDF

What Are Creative Cities For?
How Do Creative Cities Work?
“Buzz” and the Creative City
The Creative Urban Economy
Creative Activity and the Recycling of Urban Space
Arts, Culture and Urban Identity: Branding Cities and Nations
How Do We Build Creative Cities?
Federal Policy and the Creative City
Provincial Policy and the Creative City
Local Action and the Creative City
Conclusion: Creative, Competitive, and Cohesive Cities

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