Vancouver Playhouse Theatre

We are one of the most vibrant and respected creative communities in the world. That creativity is reflected in our music, architecture, fashion, art, and of course, our theatre.

The Vancouver Playhouse Theatre is Vancouver’s original regional theatre company. Over 48 seasons, we have brought some of the world’s most compelling, provocative, and entertaining productions to our home stage. We have become an institution within the Vancouver creative community.

The productions and actors who have graced our stage have set the standard for theatre in this city and indeed western Canada. We have never been afraid to challenge ourselves and our audiences, nor will we ever compromise on the quality of our productions. We invite you to share and celebrate the creative culture that is our home.

Vancouver has character. Only in cities with physical and social infrastructure do we find the will and the way to create a healthy, educated society. We are as much a part of Vancouver as Vancouver is a part of us. Thank you to everyone that builds Vancouver from the inside up.

Max Reimer
Artistic Managing Director
Vancouver Playhouse Theatre