Blackbird Theatre

Blackbird Theatre is a professional theatre company dedicated to performing the classics in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

A modern and sophisticated city needs this kind of theatre to engage and inform the life of the city in the same way that it needs and deserves a symphony orchestra or an art gallery. Blackbird Theatre is dedicated to the entertainment of our 21st-century Canadian audience.

Vancouver’s most outstanding actors will bring comedy and tragedy alive on our stage presenting our plays with clarity, elegence, and imagination. Blackbird Theatre begins with a commitment to give every production the rehearsal it requires, in a process that respects the actors, the plays, and the audience that will receive them.

The company draws its inspiration from the great playwrights of the ancient and modern worlds. Among the great dramatic works of the past twenty-five centuries are dramas that have inspired operas, art, and poetry, and some of the most profound speculations of philosophers and scientists on the nature of humanity. Blackbird Theatre chooses plays for the brilliance of their dramatic achievements and their relevance to contemporary life.

John Wright
Artistic Director
Blackbird Theatre