The future is ours to imagine

Here’s a something to risk: what if you were to want something to change, or to come into existence, or to grow and flourish within our cultural scene? And then you set out to do everything you could to be an agent of change and to help make it happen, because the sense of loss and despair you feel when imagining the opposite is too great. And five, ten, or thirty years later your worst fears are realized. The future is not what you imagined, not what you strived so hard for; it turns out not to be the case. Could you live with such a loss and sense of failure? Could you live with that world? Could you live in such a city? In what are unquestionably challenging times, this is the real risk swirling around the question of Vancouver in 2050.

The future is now. It is within our reach. The future is ours to imagine and to fashion.

Norman Armour, Artistic and Executive Director
Push Vancouver’s International Performing Arts Festival

Let’s Twist Again

Exploring the Future of Vancouver in the changing world of contemporary art