Vancouver’s Bhangra Story
Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration Society

The Museum of Vancouver and the Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration Society are collaborating on an exciting, never-seen-before exhibit on Vancouver Bhangra.

We perform Bhangra at each celebration, each milestone in our lives. We watch it on TV, at concerts, and we listen to it online, on our iPod, and on the radio. Bhangra tells a story about a community, – how South Asians have celebrated life in Vancouver. We want to tell this story,

We are collecting oral histories, personal artifacts, costumes, instruments, posters, pictures, movies – everything surrounding Bhangra in Vancouver. Our project is more than just looking at “colourful” dance or “exotic” music. It is looking at the history of South Asians in Vancouver and how Bhangra has been integral to (per)forming a Canadian identity.

We want people to explore their creativity, celebrate culture and participate in the arts. The Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration is our contribution to the world.
Our interest is to elevate and promote the Indian dance form of Bhangra, showcase Bhangra for the Vancouver, community, and foster community spirit through events that celebrate Bhangra and the Punjabi arts

A Celebration.
A major museum exhibit and first of its kind in Canada
Multimedia documentary of 60yrs of South Asian Bhangra dance in Canada
A major exhibit of Bhangra costumes, artifacts, instruments & stories
Demonstrating the impact of Bhangra in unifying diverse cultures
Offer public dance & music workshops, discussions & film screenings
Create Canada’s most extensive Bhangra resource for future generation

The project will collaborate with Bhangra artists from the across the city of Vancouver to gather the stories, costumes, instruments and archives of Bhangra practitioners over the past 60 years. The project will demonstrate how Bhangra has helped to create harmony and build bridges between various South Asian and diverse cultures. The exhibit will include digital story telling, costumes, dance and music workshops, and open air concerts. It will demonstrate the rich diversity of Bhangra performers and will become a permanent legacy of South Asian culture.