The future of the Vancouver Art Gallery


The Vancouver Art Gallery is our community resource and Its future will play a significant role and have a significant impact on the future of our community.

The future of the Vancouver Art Gallery will also involve the investment of other community resources, – our government money and our public space. Our common interest is to get the highest possible contribution to our community from our resources.

The decision about the future of the Vancouver Art Gallery involves our cultural, heritage, urban design, and community development interests. It is in our interest to gather all the information and ideas we can around our interests and the opportunities we have so we can better understand the impact and contribution of different choices on three significant community resources, – our public art gallery, the national heritage building that marks the centre of our city, and the unique role and contribution of Robson Square to our community and downtown core.

The Vancouver Art Gallery is one of the most important institutions in the city for many reasons so well expressed by the Gallery in its current search for support for its new building. Its future success is also vital to the future well being of the city. I love the art gallery. I also love the city and believe its future success relies a great deal on how we, as a community, make decisions about its future. Sharing information, following transparent decision making processes, seeking out and listening to all points of view about how decisions are made about such important matters are important to the well being of the city community.
Ray Spaxman
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