Ideas are too often judged by their source rather than by their merit

I share the view with others that the Vancouver Art Gallery is currently at the City’s 100% corner and should expand on that location. This could be done in three ways or a combination of the three. Above ground, as in the expansion of the Brooklyn Museum and Pierpont Morgan Library, below ground as per I. M. Pei’s Le Louvre solution, or it could expand into the Sears store.

The air rights over the Sears store could be sold for a 5 star hotel, like the Museum of Modern Art project in New York City, and used to support the Art Gallery’s capital and operating costs.

When I launched the idea of a Bill Reid Gallery a major hurdle was the concern by governments, donors and artists that a museum of art dedicated to a single artist was not Canadian and that the gallery should be more inclusive. This launched the project to build a National Aboriginal Art Gallery on the Larwill Park site or as part of a multi-use complex within the post office.

I wrote about my ideas on the potential for developing the post office building as a cultural mecca in 2007.

Herb Auerbach
Bill Reid Foundation
March 21, 2010