Creating a Centre for the Arts

We live in a world where ideas are our most valuable resource and where understanding and appreciating one another and collaborating around common interests are critical to our future.

We enjoy the most livable city in the world. We are a creative city. We are rich with artists, musicians, dancers, writers, actors, filmmakers, architects, designers, performers, creators, and creative thinkers. We have a quality of life that goes beyond our natural beauty and being part of a national culture that cares.

Our interests define our future. Our interest as the Arts and Culture Committee is to actively contribute to creating conversations around the idea of demonstrating and enhancing our nature of being a creative city. A city that collaborates around ideas will become the creative city of the future. We can show others what is possible and inspire them to reach for it.

Collaboration is the creative exploration of ideas to create new things, new ways of doing things, and new enterprises. Collaboration is learning from the ideas and experience of other cultures. This is the world of the arts. We are a city of arts and cultures. If our interest is to attract and create more, this is what we can do.

What we can do

  • Collaborate around ideas to improve our ability to communicate the opportunities and value of experiencing and participating more actively in the arts.
  • Collaborate around creating a higher and more reliable level of investment in ideas that create an even more vibrant arts community.
  • Think big and market Vancouver as a creative city, a city of arts and culture engaged in creatively expressing ourselves, in exploring our cultural differences, and in caring for our quality of life by collaborating around the interests of our community.
  • Facilitate collaboration between arts presenters, their audiences, and other members of our community who benefit from more participation in the arts.
  • Engage the government, the business community, and the arts community in exploring the idea of creating a Centre of and for the Arts. This could be an architectural icon that is an expression of our creative city, a destination attraction that showcases our arts and cultural festivals and the wealth of artists and opportunities there are to explore and experience in Vancouver, and an international focal point to attract more creative people to our community.

Context creates value. Coming to know what we have in common through the arts and learning to appreciate the contribution of our differences is our context for understanding the value of our arts and culture.

Roger Chilton
Chair, Arts and Culture Committee
Downtown Vancouver Association
2004 Downtown Vancouver Association Core Report – PDF

Vancouver as a City of Arts and Culture

The Olympics have more profile as an international arena of excellence in performance and they give us profile on the international stage. But the arts offer a superior arena for celebrating excellence because they also position us in the world, communicating who we are and who we like to be on the international stage.

The arts communicate ideas; create cross cultural communication; connect us around our common interests, feelings and understandings about ourselves; and increase our interest in learning more about one another and how we can live better together.

This is the kind of event that helps tell our story to the world. Not once but over many years

Vancouver as a City of Arts and Culture
Presentation to Vancouver City Council
Roger Chilton, 2004.06.10

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