Creative Conversation

On Creative Vancouver

I have been thinking about what we spoke about when we last talked.

To recap our conversation and to make sure I have it correct, you are working on introducing Creative Vancouver as the hub for creative people and to support and excite creativity in people contributing to creating Vancouver.

You would like the Fusion Initiative and Fusion Symposiums to co-create with as a blend of creativity and contribution. This could go well with The Creative City Initiative which .

I am not sure if you mentioned the Creative City Network of Canada which I came across that could also be interested in this.

I have been thinking about this so perhaps I could share with you what I have in mind.

Creative Vancouver is an open co-creative network contributing to the growth of the creative economy.

We are interested in initiatives around Vancouver that are designed to and enliven creative interest and contribute to our cultural, social, environmental, and economic development.

Creative Vancouver is the community that knows creativity is the source, resource, and contributor to our development.

Around the world, enterprises encouraging individual creativity are prospering.

Knowledge and cultural understanding are central to the success of all enterprise.

This is the creative age and the era of the creative economy.

Changes in our understanding create opportunities and an opportunity for the community of people who are Vancouver to have a dramatic impact on global culture and on the economy.

Our interests and our enterprise are to assist people engaged in the development of our creative economy to communicate and share resources with one another.